Our company provides a customized consulting experience & a highly qualified support, designed to meet the customer's needs


We supply the multinational companies with the “steering commitee” service to help them with the legislative conformity.

Specifically our service aims at developing unitarian policy to manage the legislative compliance of each country as it was one.

We actively cooperate with the N.O.I. Nuova Organizzazione d’Imprese international desk, that helps us to support our customers in relating with the EU countries' specific legislation.


Impresa Formazione Srl is specialized in the realization of HSE, Privacy, Management System courses and seminars (Industry, Services, Public Administration, Associations).

Our training is carried out through both a traditional methodology and an innovative “On the Job” methodology. Furthermore have readily available various platforms for E-Learning training to satisfy your needs.


In partnership with the study centers of the Association N.O.I. didactic committee NOIformazione (composed by highly specialized multidisciplinary professionals) we plan and organize training courses, based on specific customer needs.

This lets us be in contact with many different specialized multisectorial professionals. So we have the chance to propose to our customers solutions both for human resources and company structure development.