Our company provides a customized consulting experience & a highly qualified support, designed to meet the customer's needs

Our Mission:

Worldwide coverage for the supply of health & safety services, systems and training. Our technical staff will assist and undertake: Risk assessments, Audits, Accident investigation and Insurance compliance audits.

Our Worldwide Company is committed to global Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) performance and leadership with respect to its associates, customers, suppliers, contractors, visitors, and communities. To fulfill this commitment, Impresa Formazione Worldwide Company conducts its business with an emphasis on regulatory compliance and collaboration.

Our aim at Impresa Formazione Worldwide Company is ensuring that you and your company become and remain compliant with the legislative requirements of HSE Legislation.

From our Head Office, located in Italy, we manage our highly qualified technical consultants who are based in offices across the world.

We Strive For:

  • Comprehensive risk management
  • Pollution prevention
  • Healthy lifestyle culture
  • Continuous improvement and sustainability
  • Engaging partnerships
  • Possession of outstanding EHS capabilities and skill sets

We Affirm That EHS Is:

  • A core business value and a key indicator of organizational excellence
  • Considered in every task we perform and in every decision we make

We Believe That:

  • All accidents, incidents and injuries are preventable
  • Process Excellence is the driver for continuous improvement and sustainable results in all aspects of EHS
  • Every associate is responsible and accountable for complying with all aspects of EHS, creating a safe and healthy work environment while leaving the smallest environmental footprint